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Budgeting and it’s strange side effects.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are converging. There’s a lot of stepping on toes.
Lawrence Hrebiniak, Management Professor at Wharton Business School


Saab has reported a profit only once in the past two decades
For a new economy start-up that would be a great track record but for a car maker…

(Source: The New York Times)

[B]ig companies often excel at incremental innovation (ie, adding more bells and whistles to existing products), they are less comfortable with disruptive innovation—the kind that changes the rules of the game.
The big vs. small debate may never come to an end because both parties have good arguments on either side.


The world is complicated place, through corporate decision rules often are not.
Graham et al.: The Economic Implications of Corporate Financial Reporting, JAE 2005, p. 67.